day 9–magic kingdom

9 days before we get to Magic Kingdom,  this really is a different sort of holiday for us,   but today we are off to the magical place.   We have a fast pass for 7 dwarves mine train for 10:05 to 11:05,  so thats our aim,  get to the park before 11.  We get down to the bus stop just before 10,  and wait a few minutes for the bus.  the bus takes us straight to the park,  so we are there pretty quickly,  and through  security and into the park.  We have plenty of time,  it’s only 10:15 when we are walking up Main Street.


We get upto the ride and there is a queue to join the fastpass queue.    It seems the ride keeps going off,  while we are queuing they announce it’s down 3 or 4 times, but then it comes back up and goes back down again.

We just wait,  and we are  on the ride pretty soon.


This is a fun little coaster,   it’s not too fast but its quite nippy.  We decide we are going to keep our hands up for the entire ride so that we can get a good photo.  The photos are magically added to your account by your magic band,  so when we get back to our room we find this photo waiting on our account.  I look scared in this photo, but I really wasn’t. 


After the ride,  we walk around to Gaston’s for my favourite my Cinnamon bun,  These are enormous,  as big as Molly’s head (apparently),  so we share one.


Our next Fastpass is for Peter Pan,  but we have a little wait first,   so we go into Mickey’s Philharmagic.    It’s showing at 15 minutes but really it’s just the next show that we go into.   We go from here to Peter Pan, with just a short wait.

After Peter Pan we head over to Tomorrowland for 2 of our favourite rides when it’s busy.  Tomorrowland Transit Authority,  and Carousel of Progress.  It must be very busy,  as I’ve never seen any queue for Tomorrowland Transit Authority, and they have chains set up and a reasonable queue (about 10 minutes)



We enjoy our ride through Tomorrowland,  and then walk over to Carousel of Progress,  which fortunately doesn’t have a queue,  although it is somewhat busier than usual (ie, we arent the only ones in there)


It’s time for our final fastpass,  so we take a ride under the sea with Ariel.

We decide it’s time for lunch,  and we want to try a new place to us,  Pinocchio’s,  where we get some flatbreads,  these were pretty tasty


While we were eating lunch, I was able to make another fastpass for It’s a Small World,   so after lunch we were able to walk straight around there.   I don’t know when this got so busy,  you used to be able to walk on there with no wait,  now even in the fast pass line we had a short wait.


After It’s a Small World,  we decide it’s time to call it a day.  We don’t want a long day as we know we wll be back,   so we head towards main street and out of the park.  It’s about 2:30 and there are lots of people waiting for the parade.      We stop in the Main Street Ice Cream Parlour to get some ice creams,  and while we are in there the heavens open,   and it absolutely pours,   it was torrential.  We get our ice creams,  but then we are trapped,   we end up stood just outside the store under an overhang with a big crowd of other people.   A guy comes out with a big tray of ice cream, and his family is right at the opposite side of the crowd, it’s quite nice to see everyone trying to help him get through to make sure the kids get their ice creams.

We end up watching the parade,  which wasn’t our plan.  The poor performers are drowned.


After the parade,  the rain eases off so we head out of the park,  we are about half way down main street when the rain returns and we end up very wet.   It’s pretty unavoidable,  so we just walk through the rain down to the bus.   We just miss the bus to the Boardwalk,  so we get a bus to the Yacht and Beach and then walk around the Boardwalk back to our room.  Of course,  the rain has stopped by this point!

We come up to our room and get changed and dried off,  and then go out in the car to Target.  Now that we have a villa with a kitchen,  we want to buy some food that we can cook for a few dinners.   Traffic is pretty heavy, but we make it down to Target and pick up some food and other bits and pieces.   I also have a quick look in Joanns for some scrapbooking supplies.

Back at our hotel,   we put the Enchilada’s in the oven, and Molly chooses a movie to watch – Inside Out tonight.

One thought on “day 9–magic kingdom

  1. I love the video you get with 7DMT as well as the photo. Looks like another great day apart from the soaking, but that’s Florida for you, eh?
    Those flatbreads look yummy. I may add those to our wishlist for our next trip 🙂

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