Day 13; a day of rest, or not…

So after 2 full on weeks I was ready to do nothing. However; I realised we had a meal booked in Epcot that I hadn’t cancelled so we would have been charged if we didn’t go. Epcot isn’t far from our hotel so we decided to go in for lunch and come back out afterwards.

We had the morning by the pool. It was quite busy but we found a table and lounger near the hot tub. apparently it was 34 degrees

That’s according to Snapchat. I don’t know how accurate it was. I finished my novel, Ventured in the hot tub. More novel. Drinks. Mickey bar. Fairly typical pool day.
About 1 we went and got ready and took the boat into Epcot. We got to Via Napoli for 2:35 which was exactly when our reservation was.

We had a short wait and then were seated. We were going to share a large pizza. But it took a longtime to decide what sort of pizza and we ended up with Italian Sausage which was ok but I think we could have done better. We had a salad to start. This is salad for 2.

It was plenty big enough for 4. I ordered an ‘Italian lemon soda ‘ which turned out to be  Lemon San Pelegríno. Which was good as I love San Pelegrino…. Molly had an Italian orange soda which was not in a bottle and seemed larger. I assume it was also San Pelegrino but I don’t know.

We enjoyed our pizza, and decided we would just walk around World Showcase. Nothing too strenuous..

This guy was juggling in the square.
We had a walk through Germany, admiring the caramel shop and then on past the outpost to China.
We got to China and decided to go in and watch the film, mainly to cool down. There were acrobats inside, so we went through to another room with a huge display about Disney in Shanghai. It looked really good and we would all love to visit one day.
After we’d spent quite a while looking at the display we realised Mulan was coming out soon. The girls went to meet her. Phil and I grabbed a seat.

Just as they finished meeting Mulan, the acrobats came back. So we decided we should stay and watch them. They didn’t seem to be having a good day. The girl juggling basketballs with her feet dropped a few, and there was a strange act involving balancing a plant pot on your head that didn’t go to well either.   I hadn’t brought my big camera,  so this is a poor phone photo.

When the acrobats finished we decided we’d been in the China pavilion long enough and we left, we never did see the film!

We visited Mexico and rode The 3 Cabelleros. The girls think there is a new scene at the end with Donald and the other 2 dancing on a stage. I honestly couldn’t remember if they were there before or not.  (Google suggests they are new).


We continue around the lake, meeting Pluto at the entrance to World Showcase. There are now murmurings of staying for the fireworks so I see what fastpasses I can find. finding nemo is available. So I book that. There’s not much else. But it was 6pm so hardly surprising.

We walk over to Nemo, via the Coke Club Cool and Phil has the Beverly. I try something Melon which isn’t very nice either. I’m not convinced there is a nice option in there.
Nemo fastpass was fairly unnecessary since there was no one there so we walk straight in.
We don’t look around the aquarium but walk across to see Figment followed by a drink in the DVC lounge. It starts to rain as we walk over so we don ponchos but it’s really barely spitting so we don’t need them.
We get straight in Figment (I think I may have had a fastpass here but it certainly wasn’t needed) and are then disappointed to discover the lounge closes at 6.
And as we walk outside it’s really raining now.
The Pixar movie Shorts is right next door so we duck straight in there. There’s a short wait for the next film to start but it’s not too bad. And the films themselves are really good. They did get a horse which I think is the best use of 3D I’ve ever seen. Piper which is stunningly beautiful and feast a cute one about a dog.

The best bit is when we emerge the rain has stopped.

We are still wanting a drink and snack, so we go to the Boulangarie in France and get cakes and drinks. The cakes looked amazing. I was paralysed by indecision and had an eclair. I love eclairs but have them often. I should have tried something else.
Molly had this amazing mousse cake.

Katie had lemon meringue pie and Phil had something with marzipan which is his favourite.

It wasn’t too busy in the restaurant and there were lots if free tables but no chairs. Lots of larger parties were holding chairs but not using them and other parties had to stand around a table. We did eventually a table and 4 chairs. but it was frustrating.

We finished our snack at 8:30 and had a photo taken on the way to find a place on the French bridge to view Illuminations.

We were right over the private party area and had a pretty good view.  I don’t know if t was quiet but we found this spot fairly late and it was a good spot.

We watched the show and slowly walked home. How we had ended up out all evening I really wasn’t sure.

One thought on “Day 13; a day of rest, or not…

  1. Sounds like a great day!
    I’ve never eaten in Via Napoli. We always mean to but never get around to it. That salad looks divine. I’m fairly sure there wouldn’t be much for Stephen if we got one of those LOL

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