Day 15 & Katie and Molly’s adventures in epcot

After a really long line in me and Moll decided to skip the shopping trip and go to Epcot instead. This was really exciting for us, as we have never really ventured into a park without our parents, and was a fun journey. After a brief discussion in the room we decided to take sandwiches and eat them on the monorail. Getting to MK just before the parade started.  With lunch packed and two bottles of water at the ready we set off.

The walk from the boardwalk to Epcot was very nice, we wanted to take our time – the goal to just enjoy the world showcase and get as many photo pass opportunities as possible. We spotted a photographer on the bridge to France as we entered the park but she had a long queue. Instead we decided to go over to the KidCot in the UK first as I have been doing a visual journal of the holiday and wanted to get some stamps in my book.

We didn’t even make it over to the KidCot however as we spotted Mary Poppins in the square. This is where we made our first rookie error. The line was fairly long but we both wanted to meet her and decided it was worth a wait. We ended up waiting about 30 minutes in the midday Orlando heat and barely drinking any water – meaning when we got to see her both of us were hot and tired. Mary was great though and made us all stand in first position with our hands together (like proper women) for the photo – another rookie error she has no Photo pass photographer so the character attendant had to take the photo for us instead.


We where both very hot at this point and head to the nearest door for some much needed aircon and nearly downed a bottle of water. Lesson learned we headed for the Kid Cot and sat there drawing for a bit to cool down completely.

After we had settled we decided to continue with our original plan,however with our lesson learned we not only were searching for as many PhotoPass Photographers but aircon as well. We got quite a few photos taken in Paris.


And then headed to Japan and around towards the back in an attempt to find air con. With my book stamped again (the KidCot being in aircon) we moved through the shop and back through World Showcase, stoping quickly in America to get my book stamped (this KidCot was outside) and on to Mexico deciding to eat lunch in the Mexico Pavilion – you guessed it more aircon. We picked up a frozen lemonade on the way and then sat in the cool eating sandwiches.


We then headed out through future world towards the Monorail. Stopping for some more Photo pass pictures and to see the Colourtopia exhibit, pretty weird preshow – involving a white room and lights. Then quite a cool game involving the colours red, yellow and green and the colour densities needed to create different colours – something a use a lot on Photoshop so was very interesting.


We then headed out of the park and on to the monorail (more Photopass taken)


I was really surprised how quick the monorail was we where at Ticket and Transportation in a matter of minuets (or it felt that way). The changing on monorails was annoying but cant be helped- however I think we did end up skipping bag check at MK as we headed straight into the park. One final Photopass was taken…


And then we headed into Magic Kingdom at 2:45 – perfect timing for the Parade- however I had some how convinced myself it was at 4:00 so there was some confusion between myself and Molly (Rookie error number 3 – I think). Moll found a fantastic place to watch the parade but the heavens opened up at about 2:55 meaning the parade was delayed.  I was all for standing in the shade but Moll (determined to keep her space) sat it out in the rain. (Rookie error number 4 – we forgot to pack the ponchos)


Soon the sun came out and the parade was back on schedule, and just in time we saw Mum and Dad enter the park and join us before the Parade started. Overall a great time.

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