Day 18. Typhoon lagoon

Or the day we sat in traffic.

Typhoon lagoon is the plan and my only concern is a sun lounger in the shade. I'm happy enough at a water park if I can read in the shade but if I'm in the full sun I get too hot.
We leave at 9 to get the bus for opening at 10.

The bus takes ages to arrive and then it turns out it's taking us to Disney Springs where we have to change. And it goes via the Swan and Dolphin first. We generally find the buses ok but today was frustrating. We finally arrived at 10:10 and had this picture taken on the way in.

As we walked into the park there were loads of loungers. But anything with shade was taken. I was determined I was finding somewhere so we kept on walking and found a great spot near the back of the park. I think near the old Shark Reef which appeared to be closed off.
We were under a big gazebo and there was actually no one else there when we arrived.

We grabbed some chairs and loungers and I got comfortable with my book. Phil and the girls went off and did the Cowabunga raft ride, the lazy river and the Crush n Gusher. They popped back now and again for a drink or to say hello.

We had some lunch from Typhoon Tilly's. Fish and chips and a wrap. This spot we'd found was very handy. There was the cafe and toilets on one side and the lazy river and quite a few slides on the other. Yet it was really quite. Is head there again.
After lunch I was convinced to go on the lazy river. Which was a big success as I actually managed to get in and out of the ring without any major embarrassment. This is a huge achievement!! There was a poor guy trying to get into his ring for ages and when he did the whole river cheered. I was pleased not to be him :).

We did a full loop and then I went back to my book. Of course being wet, I now had very wet sandy feet. I don't think there is as much sand at Blizzard Beach which I prefer as the sand gets everywhere. Can you tell in not a huge water park fan?

Not long after a big cloud appeared and we thought it would be a good idea to make a move. I still had very sandy feet so I rinsed them in a little pool and now I had very wet feet that were still a bit sandy.,,
We got the bus back to Disney Springs and then back to the Boardwalk. With hindsight we should have just driven…

Back in the room we were all shattered so we had a rest, But today is our last day with a car so we had to go out. Molly wants a instax camera for her birthday and we had seen them in Michaels on sale so we went up a Palm Parkway to Michaels and bought one. We had loads of coupons and seemed to do pretty well. Getting the camera for 30% and then another 20% off on top.

We had a bit of trouble trying to leave the shopping plaza abd ended up on Sand Lake Road heading towards i drive. We wanted to be headed in the opposite direction but traffic was heavy and it was hard to find anywhere to turn. We ended up going into the Rosen Inn where we had stayed last week and coming out of the side exit which put us on SandLake Road in the right direction. Great security at the Rosen, he just waved us in!!

Eventually we were on course ,back down Turkey Lake Road and into Walmart for some final supplies. It was crazy in Walmart. Really busy. We got some more snacks and a suitcase/bag that we might not need. It's borderline but I don't want to be buying a case in the Disneystore!

We escaped Walmart and drove down a Palm Parkway until we hit traffic and we just didn't move for ages. It seemed like only 1 or 2 cars were getting through the light and then it was a long wait for it to turn green again.
Eventually we made it to Sweet Tomatoes. I had a free meal for my birthday and 20% off for everyone else.

I'm not sure if Molly prefers the salad or the dessert!!!
After dinner it was back to the Boardwalk to pack. We have one final stop on our trip, but I've loved this long stay at the Boardwalk. It's been quite relaxing and getting the 1 bed apartment has made a huge difference. We have eaten in loads.
One random thing that happened today, we discovered the fridge was covered in frozen coke. It seems a can of coke was too near the back and had frozen and the can exploded. So there was Coke dripped all over the fridge. So a bit of fridge cleaning this evening too. I have never seen a can burst like that before.

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