Day 19–Epcot and a move….

Today we are moving to Animal Kingdom – Kidani.   Way back when I booked this,  I had booked 2 seperate weeks at the Boardwalk, with a gap in the middle,  but sometime later we decided we’d prefer to have the time away from WDW at the end,   and then much later we moved it to the start.   The result of all these changes was that I lost my last few nights booking at the Boardwalk,   and when I wanted to rebook it was Animal Kingdom Lodge, or  SSR.    So,  we are heading to Kidani.   We’ve stayed in the Main Lodge before but not at Kidani.

We have to return the car today,   we’ve had it for 2 weeks, and for the last few days we are relying on the buses.  Phil was up early, and had returned the car before I woke up.  He had to return it to the Hilton DTD and then he got a taxi back.

We got up and packed everything up, which took a little doing, but we managed to get everything in,  and we called Bell Services to come and collect all our bags to transfer them to Kidani.

We then left our lovely room,  quite reluctantly,  and got the boat to Epcot.  We got to Epcot about 11,  and walked down through World Showcase.   Just as we got to Canada they opened ropes, so we decided to go in and watch the film,  O’Canada.   For some reason we all love this film.  It’s just the right amount of cheesy to make it entertaining.  I know the pavilions are to encourage tourism, and I did walk out thinking I wanted to book a trip to Canada, so it works!


After our visit to Canada,  we thought we’d walk down to Spaceship Earth,   but when we got there the line was 40 minutes long.    I love Spaceship Earth but I wouldn’t queue 40 minutes for it.  Near Spaceship Earth there was a photopass photographer, who was free.  We stopped for some photos, and she took loads.   By the time we’d finished, she had quite a long queue.


  We walked around to Ellens’ Energy Adventure, which closes for every tomorrow,  but it was actually closed, although I think it was just temporary.


We were really hot by now,  so we wandered through Innoventions which is nearly all closed up,  and decided we’d go to the DVC lounge for a drink and some cookies.  The DVC lounge was quite busy,  but we were able to find a table and we spent a pleasant half an hour relaxing and having a break.


After our break,  it was time for our Mission Space  fastpass,  so we walked over there.  I rode this quite a few years ago on the more intense version,   but I felt a bit odd afterwards so I’ve never read again,  but it had reopened today,  and with a new film for the tamer version,  so we all decided to ride.   I think we were all a bit nervous, which is not helped by the numerous warnings before you board.   We all really enjoyed it,  the new ilm is very clever flying over the Earth,   and it was really smooth.  I didn’t feel at all ill or shook up, and really enjoyed the whole ride.  I will do it again.


We had about an hour and a half before our Test Track fastpass,   and I really wanted to eat in Japan.  Not the most practical decision since it was at the opposite side of the park,  but we went over there anyway.  We walked over to catch the boat across the lake.

While we were waiting for the boat,   I saw this view towards Spaceship Earth, and we waited for a monorail to appear for the photo.  It took ages to appear and I was just about to give up when it came into view.



We managed to get straight onto the boat, after the monorail photo, and took the boat across to France, then walked around to Japan for lunch.


I like the quick service in here so we always try to eat here at least once.

170812_project-life-CCEEA3 After lunch,  we walked around the World Showcase back towards Test Track.


While we were walking around, the sky was getting darker and darker and we were expecting it to rain at any moment.   I was looking at the China Pavilion, and then Norway,  thinking where we could run in if the rain came.  It started to spit but we didn’t actually get rained on,   so we we made it right around to Test Track without getting wet.

We got straight in, and Katie and I tried to create our car.  Unfortunately, our touch screen wouldn’t work,   so we couldn’t control what we were selecting.  We ended up with a very random car,  as it was very sporadic what we could actually select.   All the time we were designing our car, and queuing up they kept announcing that the weather was inclement and they were likely to close the ride.   We got on board and I was convinced we were going to burst through the doors and get soaked with rain, but actually when we went out side it was quite pleasant and dry, but a little windy!


After Test Track,  we left the park to get the bus to Kidani.   We found the bus stop ok, but realised that we have very rarely got a bus from Epcot before.  If we aren’t at the Boardwalk we have usually driven.   The bus was fine,   I was sat next to an English family with a Kipling Bag and wearing Sketchers,  I was very tempted to ask if they were Dibbers but I thought they might think I was crazy!

We were dropped off at Kidani, and checked in and found our room.    We have book a standard view studio,  so we weren’t expecting a great view,  but our balcony was practically in the carpark,   right outside our room were taxi’s unloading guests.


We sat down and I was a bit frustrated,  and then decided I would go and see if we could change rooms.   We went back to reception.  The CM pointed out that we were only booking in a standard view,  but I said I didn’t expect a Savannah view,  but I really didn’t expect the balcony to be actually in the carpark.   We were moved to higher floor,  we are still overlooking the carpark but also the pool,  and you can actually use the balcony which is a real improvement.

I’m not massively impressed with the Kidani Studio – but we have been seriously spoiled in our 1bed villa in the Boardwalk,  so that may be influencing my views.  There’s not a lot of storage though,  4 very small drawers, and a wardrobe that only has a rail halfway across.


I don’t understand what the right hand side is for??

We called Bell Services to get our cases, and they didn’t have them.  Which was a bit worrying,  but we got a call back to let us know that the bags were still at the Boardwalk and they were going to send a van over to collect them.   They were not too long after, and we unpacked.  This seemed to take ages and there wasn’t a lot of space to put everything, but we got ourselves settled, and then decided that we were hungry.

I’d seen the bread service at Saana’s lounge,  so I thought we’d try there.    We went down and found the lounge,   I was expecting it to be a bit larger, there only seen to be about 3 tables,  but we were able to find a space at the end of the larger table.

We had Bread Service which was a selection of breads and dips,   Samosa’s, and a selection of Salads.



We have have had a cocktail as well Smile


Towards the end of the meal, Molly disappeared to the loo and 5 minutes later she returned with 2 friends from the ice rink.  She’d bumped into them in the bathroom!   I knew they were staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge but didn’t expect to see them.

We enjoyed our meal,  and then came back up to the room where the kids watch some awful rubbish on the Disney Channel.

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