Day 21 evening.

We had had a poor view of the fireworks earlier in the trip so we decided to go to Magic Kingdom just for the fireworks. We got the bus from Kidani. It takes about 20 minutes and we had to stand. Every time we have caught a bus to or from Kidani we have had to stand.
We get to the park just before 8 and walk straight upto the hub. We only have one goal in mind and that's a decent view of the fireworks. We find a lot of people sitting on the ground in front of the Partner statue. I tried to get a spot to sit on a walk but apparently a lady's bag was more important and she refused to let me sit down.
I was a bit frustrated but sat on the ground. 5 minutes later someone pushed through with an enormous pushchair and parked it in front of Molly. I was thinking there is no point as we still aren't going to be able to see.
The girls played Heads up and we sat and waited until about 10 to 9 when everyone started to stand up. I deduced that there would be more space along the fence when people stood and so we headed that way and a lovely family who had seen us waiting made some space so we all ended up with a good view.
Watching from up close is a totally different experience. The projections are amazing and very detailed. You need to be quite close to get the full effect.

The tree didn't cause too much of an obstruction.

I didn't take loads of photos as I like to watch but we got a couple. It was just amazing.
Katie of course cried. Which is the real seal of approval.
After the fireworks I was hanging back for the crowds to leave when a cast member mentioned there was another projection show on. Once upon a time.
The crowds were much lighter now and we had no trouble with a view of it.
I think I liked this even more. It was Disney stories told by Mrs Potts to Chip. Really amazing animation.

After the show we were trying to take a selfie. And someone offered to take an actual photo of us which was really nice.
We left the hub and walked over to the Tangled bathroom to get a photo but they had closed the queue. I took my own but it's not very good.

We then slowly walked out of the park. Saying goodbye to Magic Kingdom. I think it will be a while before we are back.
We got to the bus stop and we're thrilled to be told we couldn't get on the bus as we knew it meant we'd be the first people on the next bus and get a seat!

One thought on “Day 21 evening.

  1. We always have a problem getting a seat when we stay at the Lodge as the buses go from Kidani first. I’m wondering now if they’ve changed that. We were kinda looking forward to not having to fight to get on the bus šŸ™„
    Brilliant firework photos!

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