Day 22 – A visit to Pandora and then home

We actually set an alarm. The holiday is really over. :(. We get everything packed up and ring Bell Services to hold the cases for us and catch the bus to Animal Kingdom. We have an fastpass that we don’t want to miss.

We get to the park and Phil gets stuck at the turnstile. Someone with a printed ticket is in front of him and I’m not sure how that works with the new turnstiles but it takes ages for him To get in. Eventually we are heading to Pandora and Flight of Passage. The standby line is 170 minutes and it stretches out of the ride and across the path. They stop us walking along the path and usher a group of the queuers across the path. Then we are allowed into the fastpass line.

We walk straight on. The fastpass lines are extremely short compared to the excessively long standby line.

It’s a different experience the second time. I have a little look around and notice the ride is two tiers. There are people above us. I wonder if the view is different? I glance behind me and can see that the floor moves completely away from the back of the room. You move ‘into the screen’. I decide to stop being nosy and enjoy the ride. It is once again pretty incredible.

After the ride we walk out through the shop, and then we are near the bar that sells the frozen drinks.

We decide to get one to share. It’s hard to tell but it had a glowing light in it.
This was really nice. But one was enough. We had all had plenty when it was gone.
We walked over to Nemo and got in right at the last minute. The show was quiet so we got great seats. A bit on the side but near the front.
I love this show. The song ‘Not my dad’ chokes me every time.


After Nemo we are thinking we will get some lunch and walk toward the Yak and Yeti but on the way we pass Katie’s favourite- Pocahontas. We queue to see her and Katie draws Meeko in the queue. This always gets a good reaction from the characters.

Pocahontas takes longer than planned so we decide we’d prefer to go back at the hotel and have some lunch there.

We get the bus back and have some lunch at the pool bar. This is the closest thing to a quick service at Kidani.
Lunch is a bit disappointing. Katie and I order falafel chips and hummous. I was expecting something other than just crisps
But I guess I should have asked.

After our lunch we settle down in reception to wait for the Magical Express. Which sadly arrives right on time.
It takes a hour to get to the airport and then we get rid if our bags and go to security which is chaos. It’s so busy they aren’t checking liquids or laptops separately. It’s just shove everything through the scanner as quickly as you can.
We catch the monorail to our gate and look for a sandwich to eat or take on the plane. Nothing takes our fancy so we decide to go whole hog and have Outback for tea. Molly hadn’t eaten on the way out so I wanted to be sure she wasn’t hungry.

Outback was good. We all had burgers and as it’s in an airport they had us in and out quickly which was my concern.
We are now slightly delayed boarding our flight.

2 thoughts on “Day 22 – A visit to Pandora and then home

  1. I have enjoyed reading your holiday blog. You seemed to have really packed lots of stuff in. You will need a rest for the next few days. Enjoy your birthday . I hope the flight went well x

  2. Not a bad last day, although they’re always a bit sad, I think. I’ve loved reading your blog again. You take some great photos and it’s always interesting to read. Thanks!

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