Fifty in the fjords. Day 1

We are off on a different sort of adventure this year. The first change is that there are only three of us as Katie is spending the summer in the USA working at summer camp.

And secondly. No Disney!

It’s my 50th and I decided I wanted to try a Norwegian cruise instead. I’ve fancied one for years but now it’s here I’m a little nervous as it’s quite a change from what we are used too.

We are currently driving to Southampton. And we board the P and O Brittania tomorrow.

It’s 7 night cruise to Stavanger, Flaam, Olden and Bergen.

Followed by 2 nights in Brighton. And then back home via my brothers house.

After leaving at 10am, we finally pulled into the Premier Inn at Southampton at 4:45pm. We’d stopped for petrol and lunch along the way so it had taken a little longer than the 5 and 1/2 hours I’d hoped for but it was a pretty easy journey.

We checked in and had a break for an hour or so, and then headed to the Beefeater next door for tea.

We had the meal deal for the beefeater for 2. We started with the sharing starter between the three of us.

Follows by ribs for Molly and I, and Phil had a steak pie. The ribs were delicious but huge. Molly and I should have shared one.
After the ribs we were very full, so we ordered a piece of chocolate cake to take back to our room.

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