Fifty in the fjords. Day 2

We started the day back at the Beefeater for possibly the worst cooked breakfast I’ve ever had. It was cold and greasy and it took three attempts to get a hot cup of coffee. Breakfast over we packed the car and headed to a Tesco Superstore for some snacks. The Super store was very small compared to our local Tesco but was we did get the snacks we needed.

It was still early, so we drove to West Pier shopping centre to kill some time.

We didn’t really need any shopping but still managed to buy a new sweatshirt for Molly and a bag for me. About 12:30 we decided to head to the dock and see if we could board early.
We had off site parking booked so we drove up to the terminal and dropped off our cases and then left the port and found a parking which couldn’t have been any closer. It was literally at the exit of the port.

We parked up and walked back to the ship. Which was not far but it was raining quite hard so we got a bit wet.

We were allowed to board early (we had a 3pm boarding time) and checked in and headed straight on board. It was all very painless and easy.

Our cabin isn’t very big but it’s more than adequate with plenty of storage and a little fridge for our drinks.
Our cases were already waiting when we got there.

We went for an explore of the ship and some lunch in the buffet.

It was very rainy outside and with the aircon it’s quite chilly on board. We had lunch in the buffet which was very nice. Loads to choose from. After lunch and a good wander around we went down an unpacked. There seems to be plenty of storage space and everything went away.

We had our muster point in a theatre so went there for around 5:15, Where we learned what to do in case of emergency. I hope I never have to recall these instructions! Muster took quite a while and we made our way back to our room. We are on deck 11 and there are 17 decks. We seem to have climbed a lot of flights of stairs already.

The ship is beautiful, but it’s like a maze. You often can’t get there from here.

We had a quick drink in the room and grabbed some extra layers as it was cold and headed up to the top deck. We were looking for the sail away party but i think it was rained off. We went to the aft deck to admire the view and take some photos. Unfortunately the rain meant the view was a little disappointing.

Molly wanted to go to the teen club and see what she thought so we dropped her there and Phil and I are currently enjoying a drink in the Crows Nest.

2 thoughts on “Fifty in the fjords. Day 2

  1. That is a big ship! Ours was only 11 decks and that was enough for Stephen as I kept making him use the stairs to work off the afternoon tea etc. LOL

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