Day 2 – evening

We met Molly back at the room and got changed for dinner. We have Freedom dining and headed down to eat at 8pm. Unfortunately it was very busy and we were given a pager and told it would be a 30 minute wait. We went to the atrium for a drink, the atrium was full of hungry people all staring at pagers willing them to buzz.

We had a drink and waited about 45 minutes when eventually our pager flashed and we were seated at a shared table. We were sharing the table with a mum and daughter and a single traveler. It was a little awkward initially as we hadn’t realised the single lady wasn’t with the other party, but eventually the ice was broken and we chatted while waiting for our meal. It was all very slow and we were quite hungry by this point so we were a little frustrated.

The food was good when it arrived, Phil & i had a mushroom panacotta to start, and Molly had smoked trout. We were too hungry to take photos! For mains, Molly and I had gnocchi and Phil had swordfish. And for dessert we had a delicious but very rich chocolate toffee pudding.

One of the other ladies ordered a cheeseboard which took ages to arrive and she was getting quite frustrated.

We eventually finished eating at 10:30, and just returned to our room for a coffee and bed.

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