Day 3 – all at sea

I’ve been looking forward to a lie in today all week. A dark inside cabin and nowhere to go so a good long lie in seemed ideal. So of course, I woke up at 6am. Although we have moved onto Norwegian time so it was 7.

Everyone else slept,so I read my book for a while and we were in no real hurry. We got ready and made some plans for the day. We started in the buffet for breakfast, this was heaving but the food was good. I had a made to order omelette. After breakfast we wanted to go down to watch a cooking demonstration but we got a bit lost and the lifts were slow. It was in full swing when we arrived and it was hot in the atrium. We decided to give it a miss and go out on deck for some fresh air. We essentially retraced our steps back to deck 16. Only Molly took the stairs and we’d taken the lift and when we got to the top we couldn’t find her.

Phil and I found some chairs under cover and I pondered how to find Molly with no mobile phones, luckily she appeared. She had been waiting on deck 17 but had seen us over the balcony.

It was quite cool and rainy but the fresh air was nice and we were under a cover so we spent the morning reading and had a Costa. Molly had a cooler but I needed hot chocolate to warm up. It wasn’t that cold but I hadn’t brought my hoody and I was too lazy to go back to the cabin to get it.

Molly wanted to do a Les mis workshop so we went along at 12;15. She sang and Phil and I sat at the back reading. I was really impressed with it. The guy leading it had tons of enthusiasm and they had three singers volunteer to do solid who were all very good. Including a very young boy who gave me goosebumps when he sang.

After the workshop we went for lunch, the buffet was busy again so we opted for the Peninsula which is one of the main dining big rooms. This was excellent. We were seated quickly and the service was great. So much different to the night before. We all had pea and asparagus ravioli, and Molly and Phil had raspberry brownies while I had Apple Crumble. It was all lovely and so peaceful compared to the buffet.

We had a little rest in our cabin and then made our way to the theatre for an afternoon show by a band called Junck who were superb. Playing instruments made out of junk. Very impressive and very entertaining. We all really enjoyed it.

After the show we got changed for dinner. It was formal night so it took a while to get sufficiently smart. After last nights wait we’d decided to eat early which was a much better plan. We were seated immediately and the service was quick too. They had a Marco Pierre White menu so we had that, 5 courses so that was a little filling and our smart dresses felt a little tight at the end.

After dinner we waited ages to get a photo taken, and then realised they were taking them from a better vantage point upstairs. We considered waiting again but decided to go and see the evening show I stress, we3. This was a very impressive acapella group. I genuinely don’t know how they made the music they did. But it was superb and I’m pleased we Managed to see it.

After the show we headed back to the atrium to take some of our own photos and the photographer had no queue. So we had another taken. Hopefully one has turned out.

And then we headed to the cabin for the evening.

3 thoughts on “Day 3 – all at sea

  1. Looks fab food I did say the food would be good , princess cruise food the same. I would have love to have seen Molly doing the Les Mis bits hope you managed a photo.

  2. The buffet on our ship was always busy, but then the food was good so not really a surprise. I had the made to order omelette a few times too.
    Your formal night sounded lovely. Where’s the pic of you in your finery though?
    Was there a problem on the first night with the dinner?

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