Day 4 Stavanger

We had breakfast in our room this morning which worked well as we ate while we were getting ready. We wanted to get off the ship early and be back on early.

We went up on deck while we waited to dock and were surprised by how warm it was. After yesterday we had sweatshirts and raincoats packed.

After we docked, we took the lift down to deck 4 and left the ship.

We made our way off the ship and took a walk up through the old town. It was all very pretty but it didn’t take long to walk around and there were no shops or restaurants to look at. We decided to walk back to the dockside and around to the other side of the harbour. This was much busier with lots of people about and plenty to look at. There was also a Costa ship in dock so it was quite busy.

We browsed through the shops and past some lovely buildings painted in bright colours.

Eventually we ended up at the petroleum museum, but we decided not to go inside.

We took some pictures of the view and headed back to the shops. It was very warm and we decided to stop for a drink and a cinnamon bun.

We sat in a beautiful spot enjoying our drink and some lovely sunshine. It was most pleasant. After our drink, we wandered back towards the ship. We certainly hadn’t seen all Stavanger has to offer but we’d had a nice morning.

Back on board we divested ourselves of unnecessary costs and bags and headed up to the pool. It was much busier today as the sun was out. It was hot when the wind dropped but in the shade or when the breeze blew it was a bit cool.

Molly had a swim, and I read my book and we had some lunch from the poolside. Not gourmet but it hit the spot.

We spent most of the afternoon out there until there was more breeze than sun and then it was time to come in.

Molly got changed and headed to a workshop by the Junck performers from the previous day and I finished my book and started another. We weren’t having a strenuous day!

After the Junck workshop she came back and we got ready for dinner. We have decided we like to go down as the restaurant opens. We got the same table as last night and we were sat next to the same families. I don’t know how that works when it’s ‘freedom’ dining. Even the waiter seemed amused. He remembered us and that we had all ordered the same meal last night.

We had different tonight. I ordered fried chicken which was nice but turned out to be be exactly the same as the chicken I’d had from the poolside at lunchtime only on a fancier plate.

After our meal, We had a short wait before the evening show which was called Once upon a time. Which was a very very cheesy Disney rip off. It was ok but it wasn’t Disney 🙂

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