Day 5 – Flam


We opted for room service again for breakfast as I wanted to be off early. Yesterday they had left a family behind in Stavanger so I was a little nervous about our plans for the day, but I needn’t have been.

P & O offered an excursion on the Flaam railway and we had booked the same train but independently. This had cost us less than half the cost, as Molly qualified as a child with the train company but an adult with P & O.

We got off the ship and admired our location. It truly was stunning and then we headed over to the train station to check out tickets. We were all set for the 9:45 train. We had a browse in the shop and decided to wait for the train quite early. I’d read it was important to sit in the correct side of the train but I couldn’t decide which that was. We chatted with the couple in front and they’d heard to sit on the right so that’s what we did. We were second onto the train so had our pick of seats, and chose a set on the right. With hindsight, more important than the side was an opening window as trying to take photos through the glass was challenging.

Not to worry, we had a great view and enjoyed the stunning journey up the mountain. It’s quite impressive how quickly it climbs. You see a landmark And then 5 minutes later it’s below you.

We got off the train halfway up to photograph a waterfall. As well as you can with 500 other people jostling for a picture, and briefly st the top for a quick snap.

When we got back on everyone has moved seats and lots more people had boarded. We managed to get a couple of seats on the other side so we could see those things we’d missed. There are things to see on both sides, although more on the side we sat in on the way up.

After the train Journey we walked around the village, which is tiny, and took some photos of the ship. We also looked at Reindeer products. I was tempted by a reindeer seat for the rink. But I wasn’t sure how I felt about sitting on reindeer so I left it.

We made our way back to the boat about 1, So plenty of time before sail away at 4:30. And headed straight to the Peninsula restaurant for some lunch.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Flam

  1. Such gorgeous scenery! That lunch looks rather nice too 🙂
    I think as long as you’re mindful of times, doing it independently is fine. Worrying if you know someone got left behind the day before though.

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