Day 5 Back on the ship

After lunch we had a little rest in our cabin, but it’s an inside cabin and the view outside I s stunning so we relocated to the bar on the rear deck where we had hot chocolate and read a while. It was beautiful but it was also chilly so we eventually came inside to warm up.

We went down to the excursion desk to see if we could upgrade our excursion for tomorrow but we had to wait a while as lots of people were complaining about the railway trip. They had realised that they’d paid twice the train price to be walked to a train 5 minutes from the ship and it seems the Brittania carriages were very full and not everyone got a seat. I have to say we had a much better experience so I was pleased we’d gone it alone. We weren’t able to add on the Troll Cars to our excursion but we were told we could probably pay for the Troll car when we got there. If not, we will walk. We are all capable of walking if a little unfit.

After speaking to the excursion office we went up on deck for the sail away. Which was pretty low key, it had started to rain so we got some seats under the shelter and watched the fjords pass by. I popped into the buffet to get some coffee and they were serving afternoon tea so I came out with a tray full of sandwiches, scones and cakes… it’s not for dieters this cruising lark….

Eventually I was cold and headed inside, Molly and Phil were playing ping pong so i decided to go and collect our photograph. I also looked at the port side one which was quite nice. I’m a sucker for photos but I resisted.

We met back up at the room and it was nearly 6 which we think is the best time to go to dinner but we were quite full from afternoon tea so we waited a while. I’ve been reading Eleanor Oliphant which is very good and I was happy to keep reading while longer.

We made it down to dinner just before 7 and the 3 of us were given a table for 6. But just for the 3 of us. I thought that was odd but they said it was a 45 minute wait for a smaller table which I didn’t fancy. We were in a different section of the restaurant tonight and it was slower, although not as slow as that first night. I had a delicious mushroom tart for my main and Molly and I decided to try some unusual desserts. Mine was a mille fuile with marscapone and basil ice cream which I was not taken with. The Mille Fuille was lovely but the ice cream not so much.

Molly had a chocolate mousse with pretzel ganache and salt and vinegar ice cream. It’s fair to say she won’t be ordering salt and vinegar ice cream again!

After our meal (which was actually very good despite my comments) we went along to the theatre to see a comedian. Afterwards I told Molly I thought he was rubbish and she pointed out I’d never stopped laughing. So I guess he was funny but in a naff sort of way.

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