Day 6. Afternoon

So we were soaking wet and cold when we got back so we went to our cabin and dried off and had a rest.

After a while we wanted something to eat, we went to the Main restaurant but we weren’t really wanting a big meal, The buffet was heaving so we ended up at the market cafe. This is a place that has small taster plates and lovely cakes.

We chose chicken wings (me)

Steak pie (Molly)

And German sausage (Phil)

These were all delicious and there was plenty of food. We had to pay extra for these but it was only £2 or £3 and well worth it to avoid the scrum that was the buffet.

As this was the patisserie we had to have some coffee and cakes too.

Phil had a crepe And Molly and I shared the macaroons and a Mille Fuille

It was a lovely relaxing lunch.

We had a lazy afternoon and then got ready for dinner. I’d booked the Epicurean for my birthday meal. We headed up a little early and had a drink in the Crows Nest and then made our way through to the restaurant.

This was lovely, if a little posher than we are used too.

When we were seated we were offered beetroot bread and a carrot cocktail. I can’t say I understood the carrot cocktail..

It tasted like carrot… unsurprisingly

To start I had a crab cocktail which was delicious. Molly had scallops and Phil had beef presented in a bone…

It was all delicious and absolutely beautifully presented. Plus we had a view of the Fjord as we sailed out.

For dessert, I had crepe Suzette

Molly had a chocolate cake which was very rich

And Phil had a lemon mousse

The entire meal took a few hours and was all absolutely delicious, but a little more formal than I would normally choose. Definitely just got a special occasion.

After dinner we had a seat in the atrium for a little while and then went to the evening show. This was Astonishing by Stephen Mulhern and had big billing all week.

It was entertaining but I can’t claim to be Astonished. I suspect the magic is fairly straightforward if you are in the know. We enjoyed it nevertheless.

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