Day 8. At sea

Whenever I’ve looked at a cruise I’ve never been to keen on a sea day. What would we do? Wouldn’t it be boring? Well today we couldn’t fit everything in…

We started with a late start, which was just what we needed. We slept in and didn’t head up to breakfast until about 10am. It was packed. It seemed everyone had had the same idea.

We found a table and enjoyed our breakfast. They have someone who makes omelettes to order and I really enjoyed mine.

After breakfast we decided to sit on deck. It was dry but very windy.

We wrapped up with hoodies and Molly went for the pool towels which I used like an old lady’s blanket. All wrapped up I was quite happy with my book and Phil & Molly played some ping pong. It was very quiet up there. Most people aren’t as silly as us!

Molly wanted to go to the Les Mis workshop again so we went down at 12:15 and she sang while we read at the back. Unfortunately they were doing a performance at 4pm but she couldn’t be there as we had other plans.

After the singing practice, we got changed for afternoon tea and then went down to watch Junck again. We had seen them earlier in the week and wanted to see them again. We wanted to sit at the back so we could sneak out so we didn’t get such a good view but I enjoyed their second performance as much as the first.

We snuck out at 3:25 along with some other people who maybe had the same idea? And we headed up to the Epicurean for afternoon tea.

This was superb.

We each got 3 savoury items. A lobster roll, a salmon tart (this was my favourite) and a chicken chiabatta.

Then there were 2 scones each. One plain and one flavoured with raspberry and chocolate. Along with jam and cream. We all tried the flavoured one and left the plain one in case we were still hungry at the end. Needless to say, we didn’t eat the plain ones.

Then there were the dessert… oh boy. We got 4 each.

A pistachio cake with cream cheese frosting. This was lovely and light.

A little jar containing meringue, black currant jam, a vial of rum and whipped cream. With a chocolate spoon. The jam on this was very strong and Molly wasn’t so keen but I loved it.

Third we had blueberry cheesecake on a Graham cracker crust. This has a very tart jam inside but there was so much sweetness I felt it worked well.

And finally. The chocolate domes. These looked amazing, I spotted it as soon as I walked in. You had to smash it which was a challenge as the chocolate was quite strong.

Inside there was some chocolate cake. Chocolate mousse and raspberries. It was amazing. I wish I’d had it first as I was a little full by this point. But I managed it. It would have been a crime to leave it.

Sadly we didn’t manage that final plain scone…

All in all it had been superb, and really much more my thing than the dinner earlier in week.

Very very full we rolled back to our cabin and collapsed. We knew we wouldn’t be going out for dinner anytime soon so we out Cars 3 on the tv and just relaxed for a few hours

We did eventually pull ourselves round, and packed 😦 putting our cases out in the hall. And then we went up to the buffet where I ate very little but had my first cocktail. I’m not sure why I hadn’t had one before but I enjoyed my woo woo

After our meal we went to the Crows Nest for another cocktail. I was hoping we might see the white cliffs of Dover as we were supposed to be passing by but I didn’t see them. We saw plenty of oil rigs though.

And a lovely sunset.

And then we headed to bed and the end of our cruise.

2 thoughts on “Day 8. At sea

  1. The afternoon tea looked beautiful I hope Molly comes home with lots of ideas. Pity she had to miss the Les Mis but that’s always the case everything seems to happen at the end of the cruise. Maybe she give us a song when you get home.

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