Day 5. Disney Springs

There are these lovely cabanas at the dvc pool and I’ve been fancying a few hours in a cabana reading my book. They are first come first served and always full when we walk past.  

This morning I am awake early, so I sneak around getting ready while Phil and Molly sleep. I gather my book and head out, only to open the outside door to pouring rain. This wasn’t in the plan… 

I go back inside and decide to sit on our porch which is covered.  

After a while the rain stops, so I revert to plan A, make a coffee and a bagel and go round to the pool. I’m the only one there, hardly surprising as it’s quite cool and damp. I say cool, it’s 24 and at home that would seem hot but today it feels cold.  

I grab a cabana. Hardly an achievement given the weather but I’m determined to make the most of it and enjoy my breakfast in relative comfort. Phil comes out to join me and we go in the hot tub. Which doesn’t seem to be working very well. However the water is warm and it’s peaceful.  

We spend about an hour by the pool before the rain returns and we have to admit defeat.

We decide to head for Disney springs and go and catch a bus. They have these new signs up so you can see how long the bus will take. The bus for Disney springs also picks up at the contempory so we went there first and then to the shops. It’s not quick but we weren’t in a hurry.  
At Disney springs our first stop was uniqlo. They have Disney T-shirt’s for £14.99 and many for less than that. We ended up with 6 between us. I could have bought loads. They had lots of nice stuff and mostly reasonable prices.  

We then looked in the Disney store where Molly debated between a yellow or green T-shirt. Finally deciding on the Green. I’m sure it will feature in future photographs.  

I was starting to get hungry so we opted for Earl of Sandwich, This is really tasty and not too expensive.  

We had a quick look in the Christmas shop and then walked back around the lake.

We stopped outside the Lego shop for a photo.

And kept going past the shops to the cinema. We did look in some of the Disney clothing shops and there are lots of retro style T-shirt’s we like, but we managed to resist. 

We bought tickets for Toy Story 4 and then did a bit more browsing before the film started.

I enjoyed Toy Story although I didn’t think it was as good as 3. I’m not sure how many more they can do.

When we came out of the film the sun had come up and it was quite warm. Which was a pleasant surprise. We walked back through the shops and had a look at Sprinkles but decided they just looked like ordinary cupcakes.

We wanted something a bit more special for dessert. So we went to Amorettes. I really like this bakery.  
We got three cakes to take home for after our meal.

We had microwave Chinese food for dinner. Not very classy but by having a few meals in our room we can stretch the budget. And actually it was quite tasty.

We raised our game for dessert though. All three cakes were delicious. I’m not sure if you can tell, but the chocolate one was a rose shape.

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