Day 9. A move to the Boardwalk

We checked out of Copper Creek today. I didn’t take many photos of the room so these are all google pictures.
We have stayed at most of the DVC resorts and generally prefer the Boardwalk. We stayed at Wilderness lodge on our first dvc trip and really didn’t like it, But I have to say we loved Copper Creek.

These rooms have the most storage of any we’ve seen, with so many drawers we didn’t use them all. We also really liked the sliding door across the bathroom area. Really useful with family members sharing and wanting privacy.

And the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen were very useful.

Our only niggle, no ice box in the fridge. And I do think the room is a bit smaller than the boardwalk. But we would definitely stay here again.

Our room was right at the end of the corridor next to the exit door. Our balcony was a little public, We were very close to the path and the pool but we don’t sit outside very often so it’s not a big issue for us.

All in all we were very impressed.

We drove around to the Boardwalk and checked in and left our bags with Bell Services. We have been very lucky with early rooms on previous trips, but today we need to wait for a text with our room number.

We head down to Celebration for some breakfast in the market st cafe. This is a favourite of ours and it doesn’t disappoint.

Breakfast is delicious and quite filling. It’s a good job we don’t live here or I’d be here for breakfast everyday!,

We walked around the lake and back to the car.

We spent ages watching the squirrel who was enjoying his milkshake.

For some reason we got lost on the way back from Celebration and we came back a very different way but we did make it back to the Boardwalk and parked up underneath the new sky liners. We saw them running on and off all day.

We walked back through the Boardwalk and over to Epcot. It was getting hot…
We had a walk through the uk pavilion and marvelled at the prices of the sweets.  

We then went into Canada and watched the Oh Canada film. We came out and I, sure I took some photos but I think I had no memory card in the camera. A bit of a rookie mistake… 

We had a fast pass for Soarin so that was our next stop. They are doing loads of building work so a lot of. The paths are closed off, so we had to walk around the long way 
. .

That took us past the photographer. So we stopped for a photo. Then we went into Club Cool for a drink. it smelled really bad in there. I don’t know why but it was very unpleasant. We left pretty quick.

We rode Soarin again, For some reason I jumped at every single scene change. I’ve seen this loads of times so I don’t know why it was taking me by surprise today but it was kinda funny. I’d managed to l e our Living with the Land fastpass, so we went straight over there, and then from Living with the land we were straight onto Spaceship Earth.

Phil and Molly sat together on Spaceship Earth, so as I was on my own I pulled out my camera and this was when I realised it had no memory card in it. Oops. Fortunately I hadn’t taken many photos today.  

I managed to get a fastpass for. Living seas, while we on Spaceship Earth. 

We stopped for a drink in Starbucks , and managed to get a table just outside. There is not enough seating here at all.

We walked around to the Living Seas for our very pointless fastpass. There was literally no queue. still I like to have a fast pass so I grabbed one for figment. Which was also likely to be pointless. But if I can see a fast pass I have to take it.

After figment we went up to the DVC lounge and had a rest. We were really ready for a room but we didn’t have one yet. So we just chilled in here for a while. Check in time is 4pm and at 3:58 we got a text with the room number.

We took a few photos outside. I’ve been looking for Instagram walls. These aren’t on the list but I liked them.

Then we walked round to the Boardwalk. The boat had just left so we walked. It was really really hot. and it felt like miles. We were exhausted when we got to our room. And the the door wouldn’t open.  

I was irritated to say the least. We’d checked in at 9:30 and got the room details at 4, which is within the guidelines but really late.

We went up to the check in desk and they said the lock was broken but they could give us normal keycarda to get in. These worked. So we finally got into our room. I’d asked for high floor and got ground floor but the room is nice. They’ve changed quite a lot since our last studio stay. And we immediately noticed the lack of storage compared to copper Creek. 

We do have this clever fold down bed which Molly tested out. If she’s comfy on it then it will mean we don’t have to pull out the sofa bed.

We had a repair man come to fix the door. That seemed to take a while but we do now have a door that works. Then bell services brought the cases. It was quite busy! 

I had a sit outside and pondered the lawn. It’s a beautiful lawn but the grass is so different to grass at home. It’s not inviting looking.

It’s very thick rough looking grass

Molly found Shrek on the tv and Phil and I walked around and picked up a pizza from the take out window.  

We had some pizza and some wine and I was very settled for the night but Phil and Molly decided they wanted to go and watch Illuminations.

They took the boat and also said the weather was bad and they weren’t sure if the fireworks would go ahead.

They aren’t back yet but I have molly well trained and she’s sending over photo updates!

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