Day 10. Shopping and the Boardwalk

We are all a bit tired and we have a big day planned for tomorrow so we decide to take it easy. We have a late breakfast in Perkins. Pancakes etc. We had a 20% voucher which meant it was very reasonable.

Molly’s hearty man breakfast. I can’t find the receipt but I think all this was $28

After breakfast we drove up to the premium outlet at the top of I drive, we went up palm parkway and along I drive which probably isn’t the quickest but it’s the way we know.

At the outlets, I wanted some new trousers and jeans, Molly bought pocket bacs in bath and body works (I’m now wondering if she can bring these as hand luggage as she bought loads of them) p, a brief stop In character warehouse which seemed smaller than before.  
We had a look in Victoria secret and bought a few bras but it was nowhere as cheap as last time we were there and they had XS marked cheaper than Medium which was frustrating. We did still get a few. We also popped into old navy.

By third time we were hot and bothered so we had a Starbucks, and then we headed out. We drove bs k down a turkey lake road, and stopped in Walmart for some groceries, and then back to the boardwalk.

We were all hot and bothered by the time we got back so we went to the pool. The quiet pool at the Boardwalk is quite plain but it lives up to its name and it was quiet. We found some loungers and had a swim and I read my book for a while. It was a much needed dip.

Eventually we went back and got ready and I booked a table at Big River grille. I booked it at 7 for 7:30. When we went to the restaurant we were seated straight away and they were telling walk ups 50 minutes. I love that 

We were sat out on the Boardwalk and the weather was cooler. And the atmosphere was lovely. It was really pleasant and very relaxing.

I had a fish sandwich, Phil had meatloaf and Molly had a salad. My sandwich was delicious, spicy but not hot, and really lovely fish inside.  

We all enjoyed our meal and for me it felt a lot like a typical holiday, sat outside with the lake and people strolling by. Sometimes we can forget to relax when we are out here as there is so much to do.

We decided to walk around to Ample Hills for dessert and we all chose an ice cream cookie sandwich.  
We found a table by the lake and sat and enjoyed them. Just as we finished Illuminations started so we walked up to the bridge to watch.

You can’t see the whole show but you can hear the music and see the fireworks, there were a few people also watching on the bridge and it was a good atmosphere.

We finished our evening by walking past the yacht and beach to get back our room, it had been a really lovely evening.

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