Day 12. Magic Kingdom

We start with a lazy morning. No more jetlag here. We are sleeping in nicely now. 
The cleaner comes to clean the room a few times and we keep sending her away. 

At some point a certificate appears under the door which is pretty exciting. I didn’t know they did this and we hadn’t told anyone so it must be through the magic bands.

We eventually make our way to the bus stop and get the bus to magic kingdom. We are arriving at the park at 11 which is madness as it’s hot and busy. But there you go. Sleep seemed more important this morning. 

We have a fast pass for Splash so we walk over there but then Phil and I decide we don’t want to start the day wet. Molly doesn’t want to ride on her own so we don’t ride Splash. We have a while to wait before our Big Thunder fastpass so I suggest we do something totally random and we get the Raft to Tom Sawyers island.

This is a bit of an oasis on a hot day. Phil and I came over once when Katie was 3 but we can’t really remember it and Molly has never done it.  

We just wander around. There are various caves you can go in which are all really dark.

We have a wander around and end up crossing this barrel bridge.

Which was bouncing all over.  

It’s all good old fashioned fun but I’m surprised it’s survived given it’s quite a big bit of land in the middle of a very busy park.

We probably spent half an hour over there and we didn’t see everything. Then we headed back for ‘the wildest ride in the wilderness’. Both tracks were running today and the queues were short.  
I sat next to molly and we were sliding all over the place. It seemed much bumpier than usual. We were laughing and screaming all the way around.

Our next fastpasses was for Peter Pan but we had a short wait first so we stopped for a drink and watched the muppets. A brief history of the world but only the American parts. It’s a cute show but some seating shouldn’t go amiss.  

I’m not doing well on taking any photos today even though I’m carrying the camera around! And more unusually neither is Molly

We rode Peter Pan and then headed down past the castle to our lunch ADR. It was a little early but you can usually get seated early if you had a reservation. 
We stopped by the castle for a few photos.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get our table so we had a wander down Main Street and looked in the shops. I saw a lovely Kate spade bag but at $300 it stayed on the shelf.  

We went back to check in to the Plaza and were given a pager and then we had quite a long wait for a table. I was getting a little annoyed as we usually eat quick service and I’d booked a table as a treat.  

We did eventually get seated and we had a nice view of the castle and the parade as it came past.

Phil has a chicken salad, Molly a chicken sandwich and I had a club sandwich. All very tasty and we can see the parade as we eat. Albeit from a distance.

Of course you don’t go to the Plaza for your main course. It’s all about the dessert. 

Molly opts for a mint shake, I had a brownie sundae but Phil wins the day with the bread and butter pudding. That was delicious. All the desserts were huge and Phil and I could have happily shared the bread and butter pudding. It was much nicer than my brownie. 

We manage to conquer about half of the desserts but it’s impossible to finish them.

We have a final fastpasses for Buzz Lightyear and Molly is determined to win. She hits 100,000 at one point and is delighted and then we come to a stop and Phil is directly opposite the 100.000 and he gets the full 999,999. Mollys not impressed. And Phil doesn’t even take a photo!

I obviously take this very seeing but I never seem to get a high score…

We have a photo taken with Minnie and then we head out of the park.  
As we approach the bus stop we can see the Boardwalk bus is in. I assume we will miss it but Molly runs ahead and gets on. The driver waits for us and when we get on the bus I ask Molly If she’s told the driver we were coming.  
no. She’d just hopped on. And would have seen us back in the room. Thanks Moll… 

I was chuffed to get straight on the bus as it was hot and we were ready for a shower and a rest.  

We made it back to the room and then just spent the evening relaxing and doing some laundry.

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