Day 1 – Embarkation

I’m awake early, which is annoying as we don’t have anywhere to go until noon. I decide to read for a while, and eventually everyone else wakes up and we agree to meet for breakfast at 9am.

Breakfast is ok, There is continental area which appears to be toast or cereal, and a cooked breakfast where they have the usual. I had some sausages and scrambled eggs but I wasn’t really hungry.

After breakfast, I ask at reception about a late check out and she offers us the use of 1 room until 1pm which is perfect.

Somehow Molly has forgotten to pack her toothbrush, so we decide to walk to Asda and get one. Asda is just down the road, so it’s quite a quick walk. It’s an absolutely massive Asda but our car is already very full, and so we resist all the cute Disney T-shirt’s we see.

When we get back from Asda the girls pack up their room and come up to ours. When they arrive, somehow everything won’t go back into the case it came out off, So we end up unpacking the cases and rearranging everything. We manage to get it all repacked, and reduce the weight in the carryon bags, and then we were ready to go. We just need to put the luggage tags on. I take out the paperwork folder and there are no luggage tags. We have a bit of a panic, until we realise the folder had been upside down in the bag and all the luggage tags and passports had fallen out! I’m pleased we realised that before we got to check in!!

We trekked downstairs with all the luggage (for a short cruise and 2 nights in Derbyshire we seem to have a lot of cases!), checked out and walked over to the car. As we walked across the car park it started to rain and by the time we got to the car it was torrential. We have to try and replicate the packing From from the day before whilst getting drenched.

Lift selfie!

We get everything in the car and set off. Of course the rain stops immediately and the sun comes out.

It’s about a 20 minute drive to the port, and the satnav takes us straight there. As we come around the final bend we can see the ship. We are all excited but also very nervous about the covid tests. So it’s a bit of subdued excited.

We enter the port and show the guard our booking form, He tells us to follow the car in front, which we do, And it’s pretty quickly apparent that the car in front is lost. We follow him all the way to a dead end where we both turn around. We decided to go back to the entrance where the guard says that he had seen the car in front set off in completely the wrong direction and he wasn’t happy. He points us in the correct direction and we are soon parked up. We unload the cases, and are instructed to leave them behind the car in the car park. Everyone looks a bit concerned, and no one is happy with the instructions until we see a van driving down the aisle and all the luggage is being loaded into it. It’s actually very very easy, we don’t have to take the luggage anywhere at all.

Just leave the luggage right there..

We walk over to the terminal and are allowed in as we are within half an hour of our port arrival time. There is quite a queue of people waiting who have arrived too early.

When we get to the terminal, we are directed to a side door where we have to show all the testing information. The testing website had been pretty appalling to use before we travelled and it was never obvious if Molly’s test results had been approved, but when they scanned the bar codes it all worked fine. We had to show our bar codes and reservation number quite a few times as we passed different people, and eventually we went into a cubicle with the worlds chattiest man for the covid test. The test was fine, but I really wasn’t in the mood for a chat, as I was very nervous that we would get sent home. There was no particular reason for this, as we aren’t ill but it’s just been niggling since we booked that you could get to the port and then be turned away.

I have Molly well trained… she takes photos of everything…

After the test, we had to wait in a holding area until we received an email with the results. They said it could take up to 45 minutes but I have to say the results came in quite quickly. Maybe 15 minutes?

When they arrived, instead of saying ‘negative’, they said ‘not detected’ which my brain processed as ‘inconclusive’ and I had a momentary panic that we would have to do them again.

Once I realised we were ok to go, I started grinning. Now we can start to get excited.

We had to check in, and go through security. All very easy, and then up into a waiting room. We got to the waiting room at 1.30, and they were just starting boarding with the concierge passengers. We were in group 5, and we boarded at 2.15.

We are really going onboard…

We had matching t-shirts which I ordered from Etsy. As we queued up to board the family behind us had the same t-shirts which caused a little confusion! All the cast members kept commenting on what a large family we were, and I kept thinking there is only 4 of us!!

We walked up the gang plank and into the atrium where we could see Minnie and Mickey.

Each family was directed to a spot on the floor, and when all the spots where filled then Minnie and Mickey did a little welcome dance. It was good to be back 🙂 It’s cheesy but we love it.

We were then directed to Fathoms to set up our app, but we had already done that in the terminal, so we just continued on to our muster station where we had to sign in by scanning the muster station sign, And after that we free to enjoy ourselves.

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