Day 1. Let the magic begin…

I have been looking forward to lunch in cabanas after boarding for months, so that was our first stop. It wasn’t very busy when we arrived so we were able to walk straight in, and after being directed to our buffet station we found a table outside. The deck outside was totally empty, we were the only people out there. It was lovely. The weather was a bit blowy, but it was just so nice to be on deck, on board, the sun was shining. We all made a number of trips to the buffet. We noticed it was getting very crowded inside, but we were still the only family outside. I think we definitely had the best spot.

One of the waiters came out to clean our table, and he was chatting to us about how it was a cold wind but also warm in the sun. He was from Portugal and he said he couldn’t understand it when he first came to England. How it could be both warm and cold, but that’s the UK. We knew exactly what he meant.

After lunch, we walked around the deck and took some funnel photos. Molly bumped into some girls her age who she had been talking too online before the trip. They all seemed rather excited to find each other. We were heading to our cabin but we walked past the spa / gym, so we decided to go in and see if Molly could use the gym. Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed but they could do a private session in an outside space. Molly wasn’t sure how she felt about that, so we left it for the time being.

We made our way down to our cabin and we’re pleased to find our cases had been delivered.

Our cabin is lovely, with a balcony which is a treat we have never had before…

We dropped off our backpacks and put all the magnets on the door. We decided we didn’t want to waste a moment so we were quickly back out again

There were princesses appearing in the D Lounge, So we made our way down there and met Tiana. These meet and greets are set up well, with the characters on a stage and you can chat with them and take a photo. The girls haven’t quite worked out how best to take the distanced photos.

After meeting Tiana, we decided to take a walk around the deck on deck 4, This is a full circuit of the ship, so we walked right round. We noticed some people were still boarding. I was pleased we had been able to board earlier, as I felt like we had done loads already.

After our walk, we made our way up to deck 9 and grabbed a table by the pool. The girls went off to pick up some drinks (Minute Maid lemonade! ) and eventually Katie came back without Molly. She had met the vibe gang again and disappeared off with them. We sat for a while, enjoying the sunshine and then messaged Molly to say we would meet her later at the quiz.

We returned to the cabin to unpack and then went to OGills for a Disney trivia quiz.

During the quiz the ship sailed away, so we missed hearing the horn as it left.

The trivia was pretty hard, and we ended up 12/20 so we didn’t win. I think Katie was disappointed in our poor Disney knowledge…

We left the quiz and walked past the shops which had now opened. There has been a lot of talk about merchandise selling out, and there seemed to be much less than we’d seen on some Vlogs. I was after a Pandora charm but the only one they had, had Castaway Cay on it. As we weren’t going to Castaway Cay I decided not to get one. We had a good look around, Molly bought a sweatshirt. Katie bought a dress but she wasn’t 100% sure about it. She was told she could try it on in the cabin and return it if she didn’t like it. Phil bought a shirt, and I got a Xmas decoration and an animators palate knife.

We shopped for quite a while. There are two shops, and a queue to get into each. We were back and forth between the two shops trying to decide what to get. I had seen a spirit jersey I quite liked but by the time I went to look at it, there was only 1 left. I think if I hadn’t seen videos of the shops in the earlier cruises I would have been pretty happy. But there was significantly less choice than we had seen before. I was after a hoody but I didn’t see any that I liked so that saved me some cash.

After shopping, we went back to the cabin to finish the unpacking, and change for dinner. Katie tried on the dress but decided she didn’t like it, so we returned it before dinner.

Our dinner was in Lumiere’s, this is a French restaurant but tonight we were having the ‘Welcome Aboard’ menu. We will have the French menu later in the week.

Dinner was lovely, Phil and I had key lime margarita, and the girls had the non alcoholic drink of the day which was like a milkshake/ smoothie. They were both delicious.

For starters we had bruschetta, Phil had clam chowder and Molly chose a couscous salad. She has a little panic as she spotted raisins which she hates, it a quick check of the menu and all was well. They were cranberries!

For mains, all the girls had the Pork Wellington which was absolutely delicious. It also came with a stack of au gratin potatoes which were also delicious.

Phil opted for steak and mash, which I had been very tempted by as well.

For dessert, I went for the creme brûlée, Molly had a Magical Express sundae, Katie and Phil both had the chocolate bombe.

All in all a very delicious meal. We have the later dining of 8pm which suits us well as I think we will need all the time before dinner to fit in everything we are hoping to do.

After dinner, we popped back to the room to change and then we were up to the deck for the Frozen Party. It was a bit cooler up on deck at 10pm, but definitely not cold. I had a cardi on and was warm enough. For the UK at sea, I think that’s pretty respectable.

Mollys friends were also at the frozen show, so she went to see them and then disappeared off for the evening.

We watched the show, and then realising we were all adults thought we’d grab a coffee in the adult only cove cafe. However, it was closed as they were holding a wine tasting.

We decided to call it a night and have a coffee in our cabin. Katie went off with her sketch pad to draw, and Molly was out with mates, So the oldies headed to bed. We ordered some room service coffee and cookies, and I had a flick through the photos and started my trip report. But it had been a very busy day and we were soon asleep.

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