Day 2 – At Sea

We started the morning at Rapunzels for breakfast. We had a lovely table by the window and I enjoyed watching the sunlight on the water.

The girls all ordered pancakes and Phil went for a full English. We ordered sausage to go with the pancakes which turned out to be English sausages. There seems to be a mixture of British and American flavours/product on board.

After breakfast, we went for for a walk around deck 4. It was quite busy with a lot of people strolling around the deck.

We decided to walk around deck 10 and we found a photographer straight away. It was quiet so we spent ages with him and got quite a few magic shots.

We went down to deck 9 and grabbed a drink and sat outside. We had planned on going to a drawing class but the sun was out and it was getting really warm so the girls decided to swim instead.

They went down to get changed. Phil headed off to a beer tasting .

and I wandered around looking for a sun lounger. There were still quite a few available, but I was on my own so I don’t like to take 4. I did sit down next to 3 empty ones but then when other people were looking I said they could use them.

I settled myself on my single deckchair to read my book. It was really hot. And bright. Much brighter than I expected. I messaged the girls to bring my sunglasses. But unfortunately I forgot that I had moved my bag out of sight so they wouldn’t find them.

They came up and went in the hot tub. Molly bumped in to some friends and decided to do the Aqua Dunk. She said the Aqua dunk was ‘ok’ but she wouldn’t do it again. You stand on a trapdoor And water is sprayed at you then the floor opens and you drop!! It’s not for me!!

The queue for the other slide was over an hour so they didn’t try that one. Katie came back up and then went over to the adult pool area which was much quieter.

Eventually, Phil returned from beer tasting, and the girls from the pool and we had 4 of us gathered around the single lounger.

Meanwhile the loungers I had given away where empty except for a towel reserving them.

I really hate lounger etiquette….

Phil and Katie went to the adult pool again and Molly went down and got us some sandwiches from the pool area. She also had some pizza. I decided to be brave and ask for the empty lounger which were able to use. So then we had 2 loungers which worked better as we were rarely all there.

Katie sat and painted a picture of the funnel. She is very clever!

Eventually I was too hot so I came back to the cabin to sit on the balcony. It was about 20 degrees cooler here. Katie also came back with me.

We could see land so I checked my phone and I had a signal so I spend 10 minutes catching up on the world. Unfortunately when I switched back onto the Wi-Fi I had missed a whole series of messages from Molly about getting a lantern picture in Rapunzels.

We then message back and forth, misunderstanding each other. I think they are coming back. They think we are coming down.

We do eventually all meet at Rapunzels and get a lantern photo. We had a little wait before hand and the discussion with the queueis a about where we are eating dinner.

Our keys to the world card say Animators Palete but the app says Lumieres. Everyone is saying that their app says something different to the card. Our waiter had told us to stick with the card. So I told the family behind us. Go with the card. And then I hoped I was right!

We noticed they were taking photos with the hands under the chin This is a common pose but we don’t really like it. So I asked the photographer to skip it and we woken just do the box pose. He said it would make a cute magic shot so we decided to give it a go.

I’m still not massively keen on the chin thing. But Pascal is cute!

For the box photos they ask that you don’t actually touch the box. Which means there is a sort of strange effect where we are all appearing to lift the box with our mind. Jedi style!

I decide on another wander through the shop to see if I missed anything. I’d boarded with a plan to buy a few things but they really didn’t have much that I fancied at all. Even on a second pass. They do have a very cute Dooney and Bourke but it’s tiny and over $200 so I give it a pass.

It’s nearly time for Reya and the Last Dragon in the cinema so that’s our next stop. Last time I saw a film on board a Disney ship it was Up and Katie was in floods of tears before the end of the first scene. Fortunately no tears for Reya. It’s a cute film, although for me I don’t think it will become a classic like Up.

Every time we pass through the atrium we see different characters. So I see Molly met the princesses today.

We also want to watch Jungle Cruise so I think we will try and see that tomorrow. I was a little worried about how we would fill the days but we haven’t had any problems with that so far.

We head back to the room to change for the evening. We are watching Rapunzel in the theatre and then Animators Pallette for dinner.

We get to the theatre just before 6 and it’s getting quite full but we are able to get seated. They are leaving one seat between parties but I can’t say it feels massively socially distant!

This is a new show which was debuted on the previous cruise so we are really pleased to see it. We love the theatre shows and getting a chance to see 2 is a definite bonus.

The show is great. We are really enjoying it when suddenly the music stops. The curtain comes down and they announce a technical difficulty.

It’s only a short wait. Maybe 5 minutes. But loads of people leave the theatre. Which seems a shame.

The show restarts. Rapunzel us saved (Spoiler Alert) and we head out of the theatre for dinner.

Dinner is in Animators Palate.

We meet up with our waiters from last night who look after us well. Before the meal they ask us to draw a character.

I’m noy a confident artist but I give it a good go and am pretty happy with my attempt.

They recommend the truffle pasta which is absolutely delicious. And the streak and wasabi mash. I really fancy the steak but I’m not sure about wasabi mash. The waiter reassures me that nothing is too hot. It’s just a hint of flavour. As it’s Disney and there are lots of kids on board. He is right and I can’t even really taste any wasabi. But the steak was absolutely delicious. One of the nicest I’ve had.

Throughout the meal there is a video playing showing different scenes from the movies and the original artist sketches. It’s quite interesting but then later I find it becomes distracting. We haven’t really spoken to each other and Molly hasn’t eaten a bite.

She’s not feeling great, so we share out her steak. That’s was too good to waste!

The waiter takes our dessert order and Molly says she doesn’t want one. He says he will bring her a sundae anyway. This isn’t really helpful as she didn’t want a Sundae and now feels a bit guilty that it’s sitting there. She does think she might fancy a Mickey Bar so she has one instead which perks her up a little.

At the end of the meal they play an animation and all of our drawings come to life! It’s very very clever.

After dinner we return to the room and change. Molly perks right up and heads out to Vibe. I sit on the bed and realise I’m not going anywhere. I am asleep within minutes. I did wake up at one point and wonder when Molly is coming back and then realised she was in her bed so I went straight back to sleep.

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