Day 3. Still at sea

We started our day with Breakfast in Cabanas. This was really nice and I think I prefer it to the formal restaurants for breakfast.

The set up is the same, the buffet is divided into zones and you assigned to one of the zones but you can sit anywhere and go back as often as you like.

After breakfast we went to the theatre to meet Donald and Daisy. It’s Marvel day so they were wearing their fan outfits. The characters in the theatre were much easier to interact with. In the atrium they are too far away and you just really manage a wave.

The girls had been wanting to do an animation class so we went there next. We drew Iron Man. I’m not really a Marvel fan so it didn’t go particularly well but we gave it a go.

After our drawing class, we walked through the atrium to see who we could find and then down uk Fathoms to see Spider-Man. There was a massive queue for Spider-Man and Molly spotted her friends so she went in with them. However Spider-Man, he had left so they met Capt Marvel instead.

Quite a few people we’re leaving the queue. It seems Capt Marvel isn’t as popular as Spider-Man.

Molly decided she would go off with her friends. So the three or us decided to have a coffee in Cove Cafe which is an adults only area.

The coffees had pictures printed on the top! We also got some little cakes and found ourselves a table in the sun.

I was quite content to sit and read. Phil and Katie had a little swim and Katie found a photographer and asked for all the magic photos. So she got quite a few.

We had an hour or two outside and then went to cabanas for lunch. We got a table outside in the sun and I had some sweet and sour chicken. There was definitely an Asian theme to the buffet today.

After lunch we messaged molly that we would go snd see Jungle Cruise later and arranged to meet her there.

We changed and then went down to the theatre. They were showing the film in the main Walt Disney Theatre rather than the smaller cinema. So it was like an old traditional cinema experience. But without popcorn. For some reason the theatre concession stands were closed for the cruise.

Jungle cruise was really good. Very cheesy – but that’s the point. But it was certainly entertaining.

Over the cruise they had 4 films playing


Black Widow

Reya and the Last Dragon

And Jungle Cruise.

We headed back up the room for a break, and popped Hercules on the tv. I read my book and looked over and noticed Molly was fast asleep. All these late nights at Vibe were catching up.

Phil and the girls went off and did a Disney song quiz, but I stayed back and read my book instead.

We did have the option of a Magic show before dinner but we decided we didn’t fancy it.

Our dinner this evening was in Rapunzels. The theming in here is amazing. The lanterns look amazing, and there is a show that goes on throughout the meal.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a great view. Katie pushed her chair back to try and see around a pillar and very nearly knocked over a wine carafe containing what looked like a very expensive bottle of champagne.

The wine waiter appeared very quickly to move it to a safer location!

The meal was very good but it was very slow. With a small show between each course. We had an 8:20 seating and didn’t leave until after 10. We treated ourselves to a Godiva cocktail with dessert. Delicious!

After dinner molly went up Vibe snd we went back to the room to change. We decided to go back up on deck later to take some photos. We got some hot chocolate and walked around the deck. At one point we bumped into Molly who was looking for one final clue.

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