Day 4 – Still at sea, Palo, quizzes, and Lumieres.

This morning Phil and I had Brunch at Palo booked.

Katie and Molly went to Rapunzel’s for breakfast while we were there.

Palo – wow.

The restaurant is beautiful and we had a stunning view over the back of the ship. Loads of characters kept appearing on deck. So if you want to meet characters I’d try deck 10 aft. (Above cabanas)

Back to Palo. When we arrived we were offered a Mimosa. Phil looked a bit blank but accepted and then when it arrived he said, oh it’s like Bucks Fizz. I forgot that it’s not usually called Mimosa in the uk.

We started with a charcuterie board. This was lovely but probably a bit too big. We could have shared one.

Then we had Eggs Benedict.

This was still just a starter!

For mains they had chicken/ steak etc but I didn’t want such a big meal so I opted for pasta. To be honest, it was ok but I didn’t really want it. I was already quite full. Phil had Chicken Parmigiana .

We had dessert to finish. I went for Panacotta with Raspberry and Bazil ice cream. This was absolutely delicious.

Phil had a Warm Amaretto Fondant with Espress Gelato, he finished that off too!

We had 4 courses. There were more options too. Pancakes. / waffles / Flat breads / omelettes. I’m not entirely sure the best way to put together a menu as I had also fancied the pancakes or the flat breads, but I couldn’t have eaten another thing…..

Regardless, it was all delicious and I left feeling absolutely and completely stuffed.

While we were in Palo, Katie went up for a swim while Molly had a lie in, and then they went for breakfast in Rapunzels. Palo is over 18s only, and Molly is 3 weeks short of her 18th birthday, so no Palo for her!

We arranged to meet the girls in the lounge for a pixar quiz. When we arrived Molly had decided to wander with her friends but we found Katie.

We were pretty hopeless at the Pixar quiz if I’m honest. Probably our worst effort.

We went back to the cabin to change out of our Palo gear, and spotted some characters on the way. I don’t think we every went through the atrium without seeing characters.

We were in the glass lift, and Spiderman was quite funny, waving to us as we went up and then disappeared.

After we were changed the ‘kids’ wanted to eat, so we went up to Cabanas. I did not eat! I wasn’t sure I would ever eat again.

After lunch we walked along the top deck and loads of prople we’re looking over board. Of course we had to look too!

It was Dolphins! Two of them swimming along side the ship. We watched for ages. I was really pleased to see some.

We went for our daily stroll around deck 4, and then we decided to do another quiz.

More cruisers??

This one turned out to be Toy Story themed and we did really well. We got 23. Unfortunately the winning team got 24 so we were just pipped at the post. My fault. I thought Mr Potato head was made by Mattel. But it was PlaySkool.

At the end of the quiz, Donald and Daisy came out to visit and each table was called up in turn to take selfies. This worked pretty well and we got some good photos and interaction with them.

Molly headed back to Vibe and the rest of us found some nice steamer chairs on deck 4 and read for a while.

Molly played Bingo in Vibe and was very pleased with her prize, a Water bottle.

About 4 ish I thought I could maybe manage some food so we went and got some from the pool. I had chicken kebab, with some Hummous and a wrap. We took the food through into the adults area as it’s much quieter through there and also easier to find a table.

It’s our last night, so we needed to pack. We decided to put that off and do another quiz! Mickey Mouse themed and we were very middle of the pack. This was in a bigger venue and quite busy so although Mickey came to visit you couldn’t get a selfie. Just a back of the room snap.

We really did have to pack now, so we headed up to our cabin and changed for dinner and packed the two main cases. We haven’t bought much but it seemed like it wasn’t all going to go back in!

Just before 6 we abandoned packing and went down to get a seat for Disney Dreams. I didn’t want to take a chance that we wouldn’t get in but fortunately there were plenty of seats and we head a great view.

We have seen this show before about 10 years ago but I didn’t remember much more then the premise and I think it’s changed quite a bit. Certainly there is as no Frozen when we saw it before.

It’s a really good show, great music. I was a little concerned out the stage. It has a trap door for scenery to appear through and it seemed to be open for a very long time with the performers skirting around the edge. It did eventually close but I am convinced it was stuck open.

After dinner we watched the sun almost set. We needed to go into dinner just before it went down.

We were in lumieres for dinner.

Molly had a smoothie.

Phil opted for French onion soup, and the rest of us had baked brie.

Then I think most of us went for the Chateubriand which was absolutely delicious. Phil chose the lamb, which he polished off. The waiter than randomly brought 2 more meals out. So he started another!

Molly had a Mickey Bar for dessert, and then left to go to the vibe party, while we had Dessert. I had the creme brulee

Katie opted for the Tarte Tartin, which she said was a bit too filling after a week of food.

No need to worry though, as the waiter had dropped off two spare desserts….. One of these was a creme brulee so she decided to give that a try, and decided that actually she really really liked creme brulee..

While Molly was partying, we headed upstairs to finish the packing and then into bed.

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