Day 6 – Bakewell and Buxton

We had a lazy morning and made it down to breakfast just before it closed. This was a buffet, and the first buffet I’ve seen in 18 months where you could just help yourself. It was a little disconcerting if I’m honest.

After breakfast, we headed to Bakewell and then Buxton. We had a pasty and a Bakewell tart in Bakewell, and a bit of a wander around.

There were 1000s of ducks here. I don’t think I have really captured the duck craziness.

Then we headed over to Buxton.

This is more of a town, and we didn’t really want to do much shopping, but we found a lovely chocolate cafe and ordered proper hot chocolate and cake. I have to say after a week of food, we should have probably shared the cakes.

This was called a chocolate experience…

We headed back to the hotel through the countryside and had a lazy evening, dinner in Wagamama’s (back at the shopping center) and then on Sunday morning we had a very lazy morning, just making it to breakfast before it closed, and then we drove home.

It had been a lovely holiday.

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