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Katie’s Art Project

And that’s a wrap!

And,  so very quickly,  we are at the end of our trip.  We are on the very last Eurostar home,  so we have most of the day to enjoy ourselves before we go.   We start by packing which takes ages,  as even though we haven’t bought very much we seem to have a lot of […]

Paris, and Disney Dreams

Before our trip, Phil and I had talked about going into Paris.  Neither of us can speak French, and we were a little nervous about navigating the trains and metro system,  but we decided that we should give it a go, as it was a shame to come all this way and then not see […]

meeting mickey, and crush’s coaster

We had an early start today, as we had breakfast booked at Cafe Mickey’s for 8am.  By some miracle,  we made it to Cafe Mickey’s for almost exactly 8am.   It was a character breakfast, and we met Dale (we spotted Chip but never quite managed to meet him),   Goofy, Pluto and Mickey (twice!).   The characters […]

Disney studios–dinner with a rat

We had intended to get up early and go to rope drop,  but we just didn’t wake up.    So,  a new plan was devised, one that started with a lie-in.    Once we were all up,  we went over to the hotel buffet for breakfast.   After breakfast,  we thought we’d get the bus to the parks,   […]

Eurostar and Disneyland parc

Well,  it’s been such a long day, it’s hard to believe that we started the day in Kent.     I was woken up at 4am by my calendar telling me we were going to Disneyland Paris.    While that was exciting news,  I maybe didn’t need to know at 4am.    We were all up by 5, and […]

Disney–but with a french accent.

So,   this year we are trying something a bit different,  instead of a trip to Orlando,  we are headed to Disneyland Paris for a week. Last week, both girls were involved in a local theatre production of Pied Piper and the final performance is on Saturday evening.   We are back home quite late,  and did […]