Our plan for today,  was to do Airline check in at the hotel,  and then go to Celebration for breakfast,  possibly a quick stop at Target before heading to the airport. I had checked with the Airline check in dresk at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and they had assured me that it wasn’t a problem to […]

Today is our last full day,  so I wanted to make the most of it.   The plan was to be up early and get into Magic Kingdom for rope drop.   It’s a plan, but it’s not a reality.   We have been terrible at getting up early on this holiday, and today is no exception.    We […]

The plan for today,  was to swim in the morning,   then Molly really wanted to look for hidden Mickeys around the monorail,    and we would finish up with an evening in Epcot.  Katie was desperate to see Illuminations,  and the only way we would manage to stay out for it, was to arrive at the […]

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary,   we don’t make a big fuss over wedding anniversary’s but the girls have bought as a card and we have Disney anniversary badges which get quite a few comments. This is one of our non-park days.   I had hoped we might do something exciting with it,  but we need […]

Our plan for the day is to ‘’do the mountains’ at Magic Kingdom,     we are also moving out of the Boardwalk into Bay Lake Towers.    We get ourselves sorted and pack up and have Bell Services collect our luggage.   I know I’ve booked fastpasses, but I can’t remember what time,    so I am trying to […]

Due to the nature of our tickets,  10 day base tickets without park hopping,   we had planned out exactly how many days we would be spending in each park and Hollywood studios was only getting 2 days.   Our first day,  we had spent most of the time waiting at the animation courtyard,   so we needed […]

I’ve got a bit of a sore throat and am generally feeling ropey,  so I was delighted to wake up  at 1am with a hacking cough.    I found my lozenges and managed to fall back asleep,   sleeping till quite late.  So no early morning trip report writing today. The days are absolutely flying by, and […]