Or the day we sat in traffic. Typhoon lagoon is the plan and my only concern is a sun lounger in the shade. I'm happy enough at a water park if I can read in the shade but if I'm in the full sun I get too hot. We leave at 9 to get the […]

We have a bit of a lie in again today,   we have reached the point in the holiday where we would rather sleep in and go out late, than get up early.      We only have a few days left so we take a look at the plan and decide we want to shift a few […]

We start with a very quiet morning,  most of us sleep till about 10,  then we just relax,  have some breakfast,    hang out on our phones.  We don’t really get going until after 12.     We have nothing planned,  but I want to do a few bits of last minute shopping.    We start down at Lane […]

After a really long line in me and Moll decided to skip the shopping trip and go to Epcot instead. This was really exciting for us, as we have never really ventured into a park without our parents, and was a fun journey. After a brief discussion in the room we decided to take sandwiches […]

Today’s plan’s were to get to Magic Kingdom quite late,   and stay for the fireworks.      I was hoping to arrive after the worst of the heat, when things were starting to cool down. We had a really lazy morning,  we didn’t even go to the pool,   the girls slept until 10 and we weren’t really […]

So,  here we are,   the end of the fortnight,   except,   Phew,  we have booked a third week.   There were times when I wasn’t sure that was the right decision,  but today is not one of them!  I am definitely not ready to go home,  in fact, in some ways I feel like we are still […]

So after 2 full on weeks I was ready to do nothing. However; I realised we had a meal booked in Epcot that I hadn’t cancelled so we would have been charged if we didn’t go. Epcot isn’t far from our hotel so we decided to go in for lunch and come back out afterwards. […]