Testing out Live Writer

the holiday is looming, so I am dusting off the old blog and bringing it back to life.


I’m wondering what the easiest way to write the posts is,  normally the photos are the hardest part so I want to see if this makes it any easier.

I do like to include a lot of photos, so if I can make the process easier,  then you will be inundated with them over the upcoming trip!


One more for good luck


I’ve set the photos to small, medium and large  but for some reason medium and large look the same.  I will upload to the blog and see how it looks in real life.

Just adding a link to this website which will help with The Dibb.



  1. Cherry · · Reply

    looking good Bev. Always love having my summer vacation vicariously through your blog!

  2. maybe you could change your blog theme for one that allows photos to feature more prominently? when are you senting off – and for how long this year?

  3. Florence · · Reply

    Looking forward to it Bev, it keeps me in touch with all that you are doing..

  4. LOTS of photos. Excellent, that’s what we want 🙂

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