The 3 Caballeros Day 0

Here we go again. We are headed back to our favourite place. We weren’t going this year. Definitely not. And then theDibb struck and bargain flights were sourced and here we go again. 

It’s going to be a different trip as our eldest daughter is doing Camp America so it’s just three of us. I’m not sure how that will feel.  

It’s been a very hectic half term at work and last week we were all helping run / compete in a skating competition as well as work / school so I do feel much less organised than usual. We have some fastpasses booked but that’s about it as far as a plan.  

We are off to Heathrow tonight and will fly to JFK and Tampa tomorrow. Eventual making our way to Copper Creek tomorrow night.

Stage 1 of our trip was supposed to be a 3 pm flight to Heathrow. Respectable time. Nice meal in the hotel. Early night. However BA had other plans. They cancelled the 3pm and moved us to 7:50pm.  

We got to the airport earlish and had some dinner as I like to be there super early and we knew it would be late before we arrived. I also took a look around Dixon’s and bought a camera I’d had my eye on for some time.  

I’ve spent the past month debating about cameras but I couldn’t decide what to get.  
Dixon’s at the airport only has a few choices but this one has been recommended to me a few times and it was £100 cheaper than I’ve seen it elsewhere so the decision was made.  

I’m looking forward to a lighter weight than my big DSLR.

Our flight was a little delayed but only 15 minutes or so and it was a smooth flight down. I read my book and we were here before I knew it.  

I think it took us longer to get from the plane to the hotel. Two trains. First the Heathrow express to terminal 2/3 and then an underground to terminal 4 and then a very long walk along a covered walkway. It was all very easy but just seemed to take a while. 

The Premier inn is just like every other premier inn in the world. But a very welcome site after a long evening.  

Tomorrow the real fun begins.

(disclaimer.reports are written late at night and sprinkled with typos I spot in the morning)

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