Disney cruise. Travel day.

We were all packed and the girls went for a final skate before we left.

When they returned Phil and I took the cases out to the car. We had checked all the cases would fit before we packed but we couldn’t quite remember how we’d arranged them. Plus full cases are somewhat less squashsble than empty ones. It too us quite a few goes before we got them all in!

We set off about 5 past 10, and the sat nav said we would arrive at 4:45 which seemed fair enough.

Unfortunately traffic was heavy and the weather was awful, so it took us quite a while to get anywhere. We did stop briefly for some lunch and eventually made it to the Village Hotel Southampton about 6pm.

We had got a pretty good deal here, £89 a room for dinner bed and breakfast. We got a £40 allowance for dinner, so I felt the room rate was pretty good.

We found our room and I have to admit I was surprised at how small it was. We have stayed at Village before but not this one and not for quite a few years.

The room is clean and comfortable but very small and bizarrely there is no window in the main room. The window is in the bathroom. To allow light into the room, the bathroom door is glass. It’s not a particularly private arrangement. I couldn’t recommend the hotel for friends sharing. There is really no privacy.

We are ok. We’ve been married a long time…. The girls are sharing a room and I am sure they will cope too. But I wouldn’t stay here again.

After we’d dropped our bags we headed straight to the pub.

The menu here is mostly burgers or health bowls. Phil and Katie had Mexican burgers. Molly had a shredded chicken bowl. I didn’t really fancy either so I went for chicken strips.

I have to say the food was excellent. I can’t fault it at all.

We enjoyed our meal and wondered who else in the restaurant was heading to the cruise.

After dinner we spoke to reception and booked a late check out and then just headed back upstairs.

The real adventure will start tomorrow.

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